Liturgical Year

II:  Liturgical Year

Advent Wreath

December Page

Burning Bush


Ho, Ho, Ho

And Mary Said

Wisdom Newborn

Bethlehem’s Tabor

Wild with Joy

Beyond Pondering

Christmas with Thomas Aquinas

Dismissal at Last

Song of Anna the Prophetess

Star and Staff

A Cry in Ramah

A Song for the Lamb of God

One Sleepless Night

Lenten Desert

Prodigal Son

The Sacrament of the Feet


Be Not Afraid

The True Vine


Via Crucis

The Eighth Station

Fire for Fire

Queen of Compassion

Side by Side

Son of Thunder, Son of Mary

Good Friday

The Eighth Word

Sabbath Rest

Holy Saturday

Vigil of Hope

Chosen One

Relics of the True Cross

The Eye of the Hurricane

And Very Early

Doubting Thomas?

The Road to Emmaus


New Song, Old Tune

Surprised by Fire

The Paraclete

Clothed with the Sun

Mother of My Song

Laughter in Heaven